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Database of Officers of the
Ten Years War 1868-1878



cuban shieldIntroduction

We are very pleased to present here the results of this monumental work by the late Eugenio de J. Perez Ferrer (R.I.P.) and Jose de Santa Cruz Pacheco Rivery (R.I.P.), who chose CubaGenWeb to publish this original compilation of names and facts of the Officers of the Ten Years War (also known as the "Big War" or "Revolution of '68").

Based primarily in the Escalafon Oficial de la Guerra Grande (Official Ranking of the Big War), started in 1873 by the President of the Republic in Arms, Salvador Cisneros Betancourt, this is the only official listing of combatants of that war. Perez Ferrer and Santa Cruz Pacheco have added to this data base hundreds of names extracted from hundreds of books and documents, all carefully documented. This arduous task was done "...for the purpose of saving from oblivion many of the patriots which in the long epic of the Big War sacrificed themselves and heroically offered their lives in order to save Cuba from Spanish rule." (-JSCP).

This brief introduction barely provides homage to this unique labor. For more complete details please download, from the following link, the accompanying introduction which explains the database details. Please note that the document is currently available only in Spanish.

Adobe PDFIntroduction to the Alphabetic List of Officers of the Liberation Army of Cuba, Deputies and other members of the Government of the Republic in Arms, during the Ten Years War (1868-1878).

In order to read and print this document you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not yet have the Acrobat Reader, yo can download it, without charge, by clicking on the last image in the menu on the left.

If you can add any facts or suggestions that can help enrich this work, please contact the Webmaster at the address at the bottom of the page.

Additional notes on the corrected version of the List of Officers of the War of 1868 (updated 2 Mar 2004)

The listing of Officers of the '68 War has been enriched with the inclusion of other relevant patriots who participated in the historic strife. We have included and updated the place of birth, as well as the names of the parents, of many of the heroes which appeared in the first version, as well as added some additional information in the column labeled "Remarks".

Most of the new information has been made available thanks to the contribution that we received from our good friend from Bayamo, Mr. Oscar Anthony Ros (Ramirez) and Broadthurst, born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and descendant of Colonel Benjamin Ramirez y Ferral Rondon, a valiant Cuban who participated in the entire duration of the '68 War and later wrote his memoirs for posterity, an unedited manuscript now kept by his Great Great Grandson. This document would not have survived without the rescue that his uncle, Osvaldo Ros Ramirez, managed to accomplish when the family holdings in Bayamo (Marquesa de Guama, and the farm El Rocio) were intervened, and his later donation of the documents to his nephew.

Colonel Ramirez, perhaps anticipating that some day history might honor these worthy cubans, was quite careful in detailing in his notes all the personal and military facts related to this cause. Thanks to this collaboration and help to the research that we continue doing, we are privileged to continue our project to document and make known these beautiful pages of our history. Our thanks to Ed Elizondo for his help, as well as all those who provide us with new facts and suggestions.

Eugenio de J. Pérez Ferrer & José Santa Cruz Pacheco Rivery


cuban shieldSearch Form Instructions

To facilitate printing of the results we have separated the search form from the instructions. Please read the following instructions before you attempt to use the form. You can then proceed to the

search form

  1. Wait until names appear on the grid - this may take a few seconds.

  2. The names will appear in alphabetical order of "Surname 1".

  3. Use the scroll bar on the right to scroll through the list.

  4. Click the "Page Up" or "Page Down" buttons to see the previous or next page of the list.

  5. Click any of the buttons on the top line of buttons to sort the information by the contents of that column. Clicking again will reverse the order of the sort.

  6. To search for a particular surname:

    • Write the desired last name in the blank box above the column titled "Surname 1". You can use the standard wildcards "?" (meaning any letter) and "*" (meaning any sequence of letters). Do not use accents, but do use the letter "ñ" if applicable. You can also enter only the first few letters of the name to broaden the search.

    • Click on the "Search" button. The box immediately to the left of the button will tell you the number of entries found by your search criteria.

    • If you find a name of interest, click on the "Details" button at the left of the line, this will show all the facts about that name in the database.

    • If you want to return to the search page, click on the "Search" button.

    • You can also search for the maternal surname in "Surname 2". You can also search the contents of any of the other columns such as "Name", "Father" or "Mother".

    • Click the "Clear" button to clear the grid in preparation for a new search (this does not affect the database).

    • Click the "List All" button to see all the entries in the file (note that you can only see 8 consecutive names at a time).

    • Click on the "Help" button to see these instructions.

cuban shieldSource Abbreviations

The following abbreviations are used in the "Source" column of the search form:

Library of the National Archive
Cronicas de Santiago de Cuba (by Emilio Bacardi Moreau)
Campaign Diary of Maximo Gomez
Campaign Diary of Julio Grave de Peralta
Campaign Diary of Vicente Garcia
Historia de Familias Cubanas (by Francisco Xavier de Santa Cruz y Mallen)
Jose Abreu Cardet
Yndice Alfabético y Defunciones del Ejército Libertador de Cuba - Guerra de Independencia, iniciada el 24 de Febrero de 1895 y terminada oficialmente el 24 de Agosto de 1898 (by General Carlos Roloff)
Unpublished manuscript by Col. Benjamin Ramirez
Nuevo Estudio (by Perucho Figueredo)
Personajes de Santiago de Cuba en la Guerra del 68
Vida (by Rafael Morales)


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Ten Years War Officers Database - Updated 20-Mar-2010

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